The competition “Positive Estonian history“ starts

17. jaan. 2012

Today, on 9 January the history portal Histrodamus announces the competition “Positive Estonian history“ for the first time in Estonia. In the frames of the competition the people are called to notice and describe the positive moments and successful events of the Estonian history.

The competition lasts up to the end of March, all qualified stories are published in the environment of and the best of these are awarded prices.


According to Jaanus Vihand, the founder of the history portal Histrodamus, the reputation of Estonia has too long been related to the lengthy slavery and other severe losses and all positive is somehow forgotten. "The Estonian history involves a lot which we could be proud of, but which is very little talked about," Vihand said. "The aim of the competition is the search and description of these positive stories, as a result of which the self-consciousness of each Estonian citizen and the wish incurs, either through citizenship or in some other way, to be positive and related to the successful country. We will find these stories in our history!".


The aim of the competition "Positive Estonian history" is to emphasize the success stories of the Estonian history. The meaning of the "Positive Estonian history" is left by the organizers of the competition to be decided by each participant. No topical restrictions exist. The participants can write about politics, economy, culture, education, science, sport, but also about individuals. The works about any period from the ancient times up to this day are welcome. The photos, drawings, audiofiles or videoclips can be used for illustration and completion of the stories. The competition is open for all Estonian citizens, but the main target group is non-residents.


All interested people can share their stories and opinions and discuss about them in the forum of Histrodamus environment at, the instruction of the competition could be also found there in three languages. Histrodamus has opened the pages in Facebook in Estonian, Russian as well as in English.

The competition is organized upon the financing of the European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals, Ministry of Culture and Integration and Migration Foundation Our People programme "Common media field and equal treatment".


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