Thanks from Sőrve Summer Camp 2015

Ron Cowan 19. veebr. 2015

What a fabulous Sőrve Summer Camp for 2015. We had 101 Full Time attendees over the entire week and during the last few days our numbers accumulated to over 150 people. We all left camp on the morning of Sunday 11 January 2015 – kids and parents tired but with smiles on their faces but sad to say goodbye to friends for another year.

Thanks from Sőrve Summer Camp 2015

The weather was fantastic (albeit some very hot days) and just as we were finishing Loke on the Saturday night the rain decided to fall – and continue all through Sunday. Still did not dampen the Sőrve spirit.

This year we had a number of new families to Sőrve and welcomed back other attendees that have not been for some time – one attendee who returned with his son after 25 years.

Sőrve would not be successful without the support of all of our volunteers however I would like to specifically thank the following:

Sőrve So᷈brad Committee

This was a fantastic effort from Kaili, Maali, Katrin, Barbara, Sulev, Martin, Pille and Toni. These individuals spent a lot of their personal time during all of 2014 in getting this camp ready for 2015. There we a few disruptions with holidays and weddings but the team worked extremely well in sharing responsibilities to get the job done. We had to make some new and difficult decisions in how we wanted to present Sőrve to our Community and we trust that we have succeeded in continuing traditions alongside a new marketing strategy.

Mall Pesti

Mall attended camp as a specialist Estonian Language teacher (from Estonia) who spent a lot of time with our attendees – children and parents – to either be introduced to the language or have advance lessons. Her warmth, strong ability to communicate and offer teachings to suit all ages was a huge success for Sőrve 2015. We also have to thank Tiiu Salasoo who recommended Mall's stay at Camp and also for Australia Eesti Seltside Liit for the required sponsorship. We are hoping that we can get Mall back to camp sometime soon.

Kieran Scott and Siiri Iismaa

As always Kieran and Siiri have continued to contribute a lot of their time within camp. They are always seen with song sheets and guitars, moving from one place to another within camp to give all an appreciation of Estonian music and culture. Thanks to you both.

Kieran and Siiri, for the first time this year, developed a Music Workshop conducted at Sőrve over two days to continue a direct interest in Estonian music and 'launch' another campaign for a choir to travel to Estonia for the 2019 'Laulupidu'. The interest created so far is fantastic.

Doctor Konrad Kangru

Konrad was the one mentioned previously who has returned to camp after 25 years. He brought his son Rowan and at the same time offered his profession to be the resident doctor during the entire week. He was very popular and never wavered from his responsibilities and we trust that we can lure him back for future camps. Thanks Konrad.

Our Camp Attendees for 2015

There is no point in arranging a camp if people decide not to turn up ... but that's the risk we have to take every year.

The committee has been overwhelmed with the response this year and we trust that we can continue to attract all of you back for 2016 – plus more. There is plenty of room.

We have received some fantastic recommendations to our survey we placed at camp and these will be reviewed and introduced where appropriate.

Our Leaders

Without their donation of personal time (and passion) our Camps would not be as good as they are. Ably lead by Kati Koreneff (laagri juht) and Arvi Lehtsalu (komandant) our leadership group continued to excel in what was required to keep their charges happy and busy.

As part of our acknowledgement to their work, Sőrve So᷈brad presented to each Leader this year an Appreciation Certificate, and we trust that they keep this and attach to their personal resumes.

Juhid: Karlene, Toni, Jana, Marissa, Karla, Andrew, Taimi, Krista, Danae, Kayla, Kris

Abijuhid: Alex, Arne, David, Rhys, Ella, Maare-Liis

Media ja Sosin: Indrek and Kristjan

Laagri vanem: Peter Maasepp

Sőrve would also like to acknowledge some previous leaders of Sőrve Summer Camp who have over the years become recognised leaders in the Australian/Estonian community.

To name a few:

Kati Koreneff, Megan Kivivali, Christina Martinson, Madis Alvre, Juhan Lübek, Lembit Suur, Martin Virveste, Sulev Kalamae, Imbi Semmelweiss, Kratin Porm, Maali Rahnel, Kaili Lehtsalu, Peter Maasepp, Rein Simmul, Maret Noble

Our Financial Contributors for 2015

As always we are very dependent in receiving donations/grants to maintain our cash flow stability. This year Sőrve So᷈brad has created an Honour Board that will name those in perpetuity who have provided significant contributions. This Board will be displayed at every future camp and during the year in another prominent environment.

For Sőrve Summer Camp 2015 we would like to thank:

Sydney Eesti Selts, Estonian Relief Committee, Australia Eesti Seltside Liit, Lembit Suur, Neil Warner, Rein Simmul, Harald and Terje Mirlib. Attendees who participated at our two Sőrve Fundraisers (Eesti Maja). Pikkat Family Farm Farewell (Donations)

Finally my thanks to the Australian/Estonian community for continuing their support in keeping alive the traditions and spirit of Sőrve Summer Camp.

I understand the commitment families make in coming to camp and from what I see and hear this is a week in time that we all enjoy in getting together to Experience Sőrve ... and immerse ourselves in the Estonian culture!

Our young attendees are the core of the Sőrve Experience and it is critical that we continue to encourage young families of Australian/Estonian connections to attend camp and encourage their participation and develop.

Annual General Meeting

This year our AGM will be held at Eesti Maja, in Sydney, on the 22 March 2015. A formal notice will be advertised beforehand.

We would like to encourage members to attend as it is important to gather community opinion and interest in the future administration of the camp. All Committee roles are declared vacant and we want to see new nominees to donate their time for the future of the camp.


Ron Cowan

President, So᷈rve So᷈brad Committee

Thanks from Sőrve Summer Camp 2015