Sydney Co-op Members vote NO to re-development and YES to unity with SES

Madis Alvre 10. dets. 2017

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Estonian House Co-operative Society Limited was held at Sydney Estonian House on 24 September 2017. At the end of the financial year 2016/2017 the Co-operative had 151 financial members. In attendance at the AGM were 52 shareholders with 30 proxy votes. There were eight candidates for four positions on the Board.

The result of the election was as follows:

Arne Rahnel 66, Hillary Ranniko 63, Jaak Sildnik 62, Madis Alvre 60, Juho Looveer 23, Mai Bell 20, Mart Rampe 18 and Siimon Rampe 16 votes.

Arne Rahnel, Hillary Ranniko, Jaak Sildnik and Madis Alvre were declared as Directors elected to the Board. These four candidates had campaigned and were elected on a united platform of NO to re-development of Sydney Estonian House and YES to unity with the Estonian Society of Sydney (Sydney Eesti Selts "Eesti Kodu Linda", SES), seeking to work in a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect between the Co-operative and SES.They join the existing three Directors: Aino Matwisyk, Taimi Nurm and Annie Talve.

Positions were decided by the Board as follows:

Chairman: Madis Alvre

Vice-Chairman: Arne Rahnel

Secretary: Annie Talve

Treasurer: Aino Matwisyk

Share Registrar: Taimi Nurm

Building Co-ordinator: Hillary Ranniko

Director: Jaak Sildnik

Shareholders at the AGM overwhelmingly rejected Option 2 (re-development) of the "Future options" for Estonian House. As a result, the new Co-operative Board resolved to wind back the "Future options" as conceived by the previous Co-operative Chairman. However, the new Co-operative management would like to acknowledge and thank all the members and Directors who contributed to the "Future options" discussions.

The new Co-operative Board will be going in a new direction, which will include investigating business options for Estonian House, as well as carrying out necessary upgrades to make the facilities more useable, to the extent that finances allow. The Board intends to report its plans and activities to shareholders for their feedback and support.