Spring brings new excitement

KÜLLIKI POOLE 28. okt. 2013

Spring has arrived earlier than expected, but it has made our hearts beat faster and our hands and fingers busier. It makes us want to plan for activities which have been postponed for too long.

Spring brings new excitement
Photo: Aune Vetik

How about another day-trip? Possibly to the Blue Mountains again? Or to the South Coast? Or anywhere interesting which you can suggest.
The previous day-trip to Leura was very interesting, pleasant and thoroughly enjoyable. I have a great desire to investigate other galleries, outlets and antique-shops which line the road in the Blue Mountains. Are there others who feel the same? Do you have a destination, suitable for a day-trip, which you would like to explore? Let me know as soon as possible and I will organise another friendly, relaxing outing that will leave our minds refreshed and our bodies pleasantly tired. Phone me on 9451 3011, or 0414 451 636 or email me at
Or, if you wish to travel further, to really exotic lands, come with me to Cuba, via Mexico, in February next year, before it all changes and joins the modern world.
Spring is also a time when the days lengthen and our wintering fingers wake up to perform new tasks. At Kunsti-ja Käsitööring we have been inspired by embroidered, cute, teddy-bears from Africa. We have applied the same principles and similar patterns to create cuddly and colourful Estonian collectors' items. There are teddy-bears with Kihnu or Muhu embroidery, there are dolls with stylised Estonian clothing and there are cute cats covered in vibrant embroidery. Not only that, but felting has been developed to an artistic level, the combination of silk and felted wool has created highly tactile and trendy accessories. Other ways to create interest in an outfit is to include a frilly or lace scarf in interesting colours. Or, maybe, a sun-hat in contrasting or toning colours, with a touch of Estonian embroidery or weaving. These and much more can be seen, appreciated and bought at the Eesti Selts "KEVADPIDU" held at Eesti Maja in Darlinghurst on November 16th, 2013, starting at 1pm.

To make the afternoon exciting, there will be "rahvatants" with enough oomph to get us tapping our toes and clapping our hands, the choirs will showcase their songs which they have been preparing for the song-festival next year in Estonia and, of course, there will be a "loterii" with valuable prizes. All that in an atmosphere of celebration of friendship and Estonian culture. The coffee, snacks and cakes are a must.
If you are feeling jaded or bored, come and renew your spirits and reaffirm your Estonian heritage at the "KEVADPIDU" - Saturday, 16th November, at Eesti Maja.