Sõrve 2012 Recruits Report

1. märtsil 2012

Laager valvel!
Now will follow the report of the Lipping family grupp on their experiences as first timers to the warm and welcoming camp at Sõrve 2012.

How would you summarise Sõrve?

Elanikud Ronan (10): "Awesome! Fun and intriguing".

Elanikud Freya (8): "I had fun, enjoyed the exercises and made lots of new friends".

Elanikud Siiri (5): "It was an Eesti camp".

What were your favourite activities?

Ronan: "The suur kiik and canoeing".

Freya: "Raft building and the big game".

Siiri: "Canoeing and getting rides in the tinny. The magic show that was put on for C group. Art and craft when I made a viking ship with my friends".

What did you think of your juhid?

Siiri: "Daddy was my juhid so of course he was the best".

Freya: "Fun. Good at telling made up stories about crazy things".

Ronan: "They were funny and helpful".

What did Sõrve do for you?

Freya: "Encouraged me to be more confident in sport and at school".

Siiri: "I learned some Eesti words and I rescued the princess from the pirates".

Ronan: "Sõrve increased my courage. Now I put up my hand to do and try more things at school". "One more thing – I can now pronounce Sõrve and tare better than anyone else in my family and have been giving out free coaching".

Would you come back again?

Elanikud in unison: "Sure – and I'm bringing a friend!"


Thank you junior recruits. Laager vabalt!


As parents of these kids who were so warmly welcomed and looked after we must give a huge thanks to all the crew at Sõrve. Other Elanikud, Juhid, Admin and of course the parents and committee members who have provided so much support and organisational work. It was fun and fulfilling to participate and enjoy the adults activities and make new friends in the community.

We look forward to being at the 2013 lipuheiskamine.


Laager rivitult!


Thomas and Marian Lipping and family

Sõrve 2012 Recruits Report