Sailing Against the Wind (Vastutuulelaev)

14. juulil 2012

Dear Estonians at home and abroad,
In January 2012, the novel by the Estonian author Jaan Kross, Sailing Against the Wind (Vastutuulelaev) was published in my English translation with Northwestern University Press in Evanston, Illinois, USA.

Unfortunately, publicity for this translation has been virtually non-existent in Estonia itself. The Estonian Literature Information Centre in Tallinn appears to have been a little slow in spreading information about this book. And the newspapers in Estonia have not reviewed this translation. It is nevertheless a 340-page novel by someone who was perhaps the greatest Estonian (kodueestlane) author of the postwar period. This is my third translation of a Kross book, the previous two being "The Conspiracy and Other Stories" (various short-stories) and the novel "Treading Air" (Paigallend), both of which appeared with Harvill in London.


I have also translated two novels by Mati Unt, and a forthcoming novel by Toomas Vint called "An Unending Landscape" will appear next month with The Dalkey Archive Press in Champaign, Illinois. I also translated an anthology called "The Dedalus Book of Estonian Literature" for the British publishing house Dedalus, which appeared last year. (All of these can be found by Googling.) Earlier, I translated a book of short-stories by Friedebert Tuglas, which appeared in 2007.

These are all translations into English, books that could be used to show friends and relatives who know no Estonian that Estonia possesses a literature of its own.

I am myself a British translator living in Sweden.


Kind regards,

Eric Dickens