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AALE KASK-ONG 14. sept. 2011

Intervjuu SBS programmijuhi Maurizio Pascucciga.

The news to cease the Estonian program in SBS came as a surprise to the Estonian community. Is this a temporary measure or permanent decision? Should this be temporary, does SBS have any plans in place for a relaunch of the Estonian program?

Maurizio Pascucci, SBS Program Manager, Audio and Language Content: The decision to place the Estonian program in temporary recess has been taken because SBS has been unable to find a suitable candidate for the position of Executive Producer since the role became vacant. Without this role suitably filled SBS is unable to ensure quality programming for Estonian speaking audiences as per our charter. From time to time, this has happened with other language programs.

How important is the Estonian program to SBS?

Maurizio Pascucci: All our language programs are important to SBS. They are at the core of the Audio Language and Content division and the life of the Radio platform.

What can the Estonian community do to revive the Estonian program?

Maurizio Pascucci: The Estonian program is in temporary recess because we have recently been unable to fill the role of Executive Producer. From time to time, this has happened with other language programs.

In the long-term, the future of the Estonian and all other language programs will be linked to a review of the SBS Radio schedule in order to reflect the changing use of media as well as the demographics of Australia. The schedule review will consider the evolving needs of Australia’s language communities and multicultural audiences. As you can appreciate there is a substantial amount of research to be done across all language groups. The review is expected to be finalised in 2012.

In the short-term, the Executive Producer role will remain open while we undertake this review.

To keep the program on air, is there a minimum requirement in relation to the number of listeners or the size of the community?

Maurizio Pascucci: SBS wants to continue to produce all language programs and extend our services to newer communities. This is subject to funding and we’re in the process of applying for funding from the Federal Government under the Triennial Funding Submission (TFS) process. The radio schedule review outcome will be dependent on funding levels from the TFS. The size of a community will be a consideration should funding become an issue.

The cessation of the program is the result of inability to find an Executive producer for the Estonian program. What are the requirements for this position?

Maurizio Pascucci: SBS’s national Radio network has transitioned to a predominantly Australian Information Network – providing balanced and impartial Australian and International news and information.

Given this, the Estonian EP should have strong editorial credentials, a proven track record in Radio production, a clear understanding of the electronic media environment in Australia and of SBS’s role in particular. Specifically, our EPs must satisfy the following requirements:

As an SBS Team Member demonstrate a positive and enthusiastic understanding of SBS’s Purpose and Values and a commitment to a safe, secure and diverse workplace.

Demonstrate an understanding and alignment with SBS’s values and including an ability to contribute to a positive culture through:

Being a positive representative or advocate for SBS;

Constructive and appropriate interaction with others;

Adopting a can do/will do approach; and

Displaying a commitment to the team including OH & S, diversity and team work goals.

Demonstrated experience in professional broadcast journalism including:

Demonstrated ability to undertake tasks involved in the planning, preparation, production, presentation and delivery of audio content, for self and others;

Demonstrated ability to write, compile and present news, sport and current affairs from a variety of sources.

Understanding of SBS Codes of Practice and how they apply to SBS’s audio content.

Ability to monitor and ensure compliance, for self and others, with the standards used by SBS.

Basic computer skills including familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel, email and digital audio editing/production software.

Availability for and ability to work rostered shifts.

Proficiency in English and Estonian, both written and spoken including clear broadcast delivery. (Candidates will be required to undergo a language assessment to demonstrate their proficiency in Estonian.)

Good administrative abilities including accuracy, numeracy, organisational skills and the ability to meet deadlines and pursue a task to completion.

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