Naisring says: “Au revoir”

Maia Dyke 8. aprillil 2015

You have heard that after many years, the half a dozen or so ladies of Naisring have decided to “call it a day“. As sad as it is, we have reached the stage of life when what was expected of the few of us was just too much.

Naisring says: “Au revoir”
Adelaide Naisring loobub tegevusest pärast 58. tööaastat. Foto: Virgats

Unbelievably, from this little group, Aime Murro has has been a hard-working member since 1972 and Tiiu Hoile since 1974.

Maia joined Naisring at end of 1999, enticed by Ruth Auväärt to help with the making of piparkoogid. Then could she possibly give a hand at 'jõululaat'? Come to the December meeting? And suddenly I was part of this friendly, but efficient, hardworking group of Estonian ladies.

Here is a little bit of Naisring history.

Naisring was born in 1957, with Aili Joari being the first chairperson. From that group of original nine people, Karin Linnamägi still remains. The aim was to assist with catering for the Estonian community functions and raise money to help with beautifying our newly acquired Eesti Maja. For example, that year 220 pounds was used to buy a piano. The list of members of Naisring during the past 67 years reads like a fascinating "Who is Who" of Adelaide Estonian Community.

Raising money to help Adelaide Eesti Maja, Estonian organisations in Australia and Estonia, and some local charities has been important to us. Just looking at our books for the last 15 years, we have made donations to the amount of $53,800. We are quite proud of that! It is interesting to see how the face of recipients has changed over the years. There were parcels sent to Eesti via Finland, donations to Estonian wounded soldiers and jailed freedom fighters (1991), Tartu Children's Clinic, Rahvuskapital, Virgats, but there was always Adelaide's "Eesti Maja".

There have been so many willing people who have helped us at our functions, especially during the last years when our numbers have diminished. The list is long, and there is always the danger of leaving someone out. Thus to you, all our most sincere thanks and love.