Melbourne Eesti Päevad Film Festival

Rein Kivivali 6. veebr. 2015

The Melbourne Eesti Päevad Film Festival had a terrific turn out, with the upstairs balcony not having seen such activity for a long time.

Melbourne Eesti Päevad Film Festival

The seats were still as comfortable as ever, the popcorn was hot and fresh, and the drinks icy cold. The screen was lowered and the hall lights off. When the first series of Estonian ads appeared the crowd knew they would be in for a treat with a huge crisp image before them.

Our first two screenings were trailers of upcoming Estonian feature films. First it was Helga Merits's "The Story of the Baltic University" set to be realised in September 2015. This film depicts the adventures and struggles of the Baltic University which operated in Hamburg between 1946-1949. This was followed by Mae Productions "Keepers of the Loom". A Canadian - Estonian production showing Estonian traditions, especially handicraft, and how they are being kept alive today. Up next was a short film, Kalev Pank's gangster classic which also stared Melbourne Eesti Päevad Chairman, Rein Valling. It first screened at ENP 1979, making it the 35th anniversary of the film. The crowd had as many laughs as they did back then. To finish the evening off it was the Australian premiere of Silvi Vann-Wall's feature documentry "Austonia". This documentary explored ideas of 'Estonianism' in modern Australia. The crowd really appreciated a fresh look at the Australian-Estonian societies of today. With the Film Festival exceeding expectations, we hope to see the event continue at future Eesti Päevad's.

Thanks to the film committee and everyone who helped out at the event.