LEP-ESTO2013 has chosen the winning logo

30. juunil 2012

The 2013 LEP-ESTO committee is proud to announce that a logo (attached) has been chosen to represent the combined festival, which will take place in San Francisco CA next year.

LEP-ESTO2013 has chosen the winning logo

From across the world 50 variations were submitted, of which, the final candidates originated from Estonia, Australia and USA. Through an anonymous vote, the winning logo was chosen of San Francisco's symbolic Golden Gate Bridge colored in a traditional Estonian blue, black and white background. Linnea Bartling, the artist of the logo says "We wanted a bold logo that immediately brought to mind both Estonia and San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge was an easy choice for an iconic piece of San Francisco to feature, using Estonian national colors. The bridge can also be taken to represent the idea of connecting the two cultures and places across a distance, a core theme of the event"


The festival's President, Ingrid Echter is thrilled with the choice as it perfectly reflects the festivals theme of "connect". "The bridge connects one coast with the other and helps visually create connections from various generations, countries, cultures and Estonians from both the homeland and abroad. We hope to bring together the vast Estonian web of innovation, intellect and hard work to share with the World"


A big thank you goes out to all the participants as we eagerly await June 28th to July 1st of next year to celebrate the XXI West Coast Estonian Days combined with the XI ESTO as one joint festival in San Francisco CA.


The four-day program includes both old and new: new age to traditional music, dance, ensembles and theaters from Estonia and around the world. Sports, chess tournaments, lectures and seminars will keep the days busy with fun to last into the early hours of the morning at the nightly secret pub. San Francisco will welcome its guest with a tour of Silicon Valley, a traditional Rahvapidu in the picturesque CA countryside as well as a formal Ball honoring the festival. The festival will kick-off with a spectacular opening ceremony where guests will be privileged with a performance from our locally loved Tiit Helimets, one San Francisco Ballet's principal dancers.


Please visit us on our website - www.lep-esto2013.com/ and join us on Facebook to see our celebrated logo and read more about the event.

One of the World's most visited cities, San Francisco, invites all of you in 2013 to reunited with old friends and create new ones – come connect with us!


PR contact:
Evelin Kasenomm