Kooskõlas Choir 2019 – “Together in Song”

Ron Cowan 5. märtsil 2018

The first National Choir rehearsal for Kooskõlas Choir 2019 was held at Eesti Maja, Sydney, on the weekend of 17 and 18 February to begin our journey to attend Laulupidu 2019.

Kooskõlas Choir 2019 – “Together in Song”

Our choir is now being registered with 77 members having presentation from the following states:

NSW 41, ACT 7, QLD 6, VIC 17, SA 6.

We particularly thank our Choir Director, Dr Naomi Cooper, who led us through the two days and ensured that we had a lot of fun, honed our abilities and overall helped us make a fabulous sound. We also would like to thank those who voluntarily gave up their time to travel from out of state to come to Sydney to make these two days a marvellous occasion.

We have a very heavy repertoire to learn and we have a long way to go before we must Audition in Sept/Oct 2018 to qualify to attend Laulupidu 2019.

Over the last few months members within our member states have been attending regular local rehearsals and we will combine in National Rehearsals again in June 9-10-11 and September 22-23.

As a result, the enthusiasm within the choir is electric and the momentum has been created for the National Kooskõlas Choir 2019 to become truly skilled and proud to represent Australia.

The NSW Members will be having a fundraising event (including a performance) on the 5 May 2018, at Eesti Maja, Sydney, and we will update you all more as time progresses. Meanwhile "Save the Date"

You can all catch up with our activities on:

KOOSKÕLAS facebook – "Kooskolas Choir for 2019"

KOOSKÕLAS website - www.kooskolas-choir-2019.com.au

If you any questions you can email us on: