Kino! @ Estonian House Sydney for 2013

Siimon Rampe 17. jaan. 2013

What does kino!@ Estonian House Sydney have in store for its audience this year? Well to begin with, we have a fantastic new Epson movie projector that is now suspended from the roof of Estonia House - not on the ground.

Gone is the data projector we had to make do with last year. The image shines onto a purpose installed movie screen that is about twice the size of the screen we used last year. We have improved 100%! We ran the new equipment during the Estonian Film Festival, Australia and it was like being in a movie cinema – the quality of image is exceptional.

Next, we have decided to make a few changes this year in response to how last year went in regard of the films we showed and how we showed them.

The first major change is that we will only be showing a single feature film or documentary (or possibly a series of shorts). There will not be a short film beforehand like there was in 2011/12.

There are a number of reasons for this - the major one being we want kino! to be a social event as much as it is about seeing a film or documentary. Therefore by increasing the time before and after a film, people have the chance to sit down and unwind from the day over a drink and food before watching a film, as well as after.

Last year, we found people were a little rushed to make the film by 6:30pm. We will still be opening our doors at 6pm like we used to, but the film will not roll until 7pm (a half hour later than 2012). And because we will only show a single film, the film will end sooner so people will be able to either stay longer and talk with friends, or get away faster if they have to.


So more Estonian film and documentary for 2013?

Yes and no.

Part of our change for 2013 will also be the content of our films. We have adopted a title to go with kino!: 'Stories from the Countries of the Baltic Sea, and Beyond'. It's long title but it sums up where we intend to get our films from in 2013; Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, possibly Poland, Norway and Denmark.


Why the move away from Estonian film then?

We will never move away from Estonian film. People should not worry: we will still be showing Estonian film and documentary as our priority!

It is just that we have recognised two things:

i) that the Estonian film industry can only produce so much quality product in a given year, and we are starting to run out of quality product to watch (not just any product), sure we could show old classics (which we may), but most people can watch those at home on their DVD players these days. We want to be fresh and relevant with what is showing today in Estonias cinemas;

ii) that there is an extended audience out there we want to attract to Estonian film (and Estonian House), and the best way of doing that is by introducing these people to Estonian House via showing them film – their film.


So Swedish film for the Swedes, Finnish film for the Finns etc?

Exactly! And the quality and amount of film and documentary these countries have will fill in the gaps whilst we wait for the next big Estonian attraction. We are committed to quality. Not just showing any old film on the last Friday of every month. We want people to come to kino! @ Estonian House Sydney and leave saying "WOW!".


Any clues as to what you might be showing during the year?

Unfortunately not. We rely on getting permissions from the owners of the films before we show them so this can be incredibly time consuming and does not allow us to set a schedule over the course of the year.

All I can tell you is that we intend to lighten-up the content of our films for 2013. We are aiming more for a feel-good type of film this year; however that's not to say we will shy away from challenging our audiences with thought provoking stories.


How will people know what is playing for 2013 then?

We will always provide details about our movies via updates to:


Will the price to see a film go up for 2013?

No! For SES members it's going down!! Due to kino! @ Estonian House Sydney becoming a film club, SES members will now only pay $5 per kino! night instead of $7.

The price will remain the same however for non-SES members at $10. So join the SES! It will pay itself back by August if you come every month; sooner if you attend other functions as well.