Käsitöö kutsub kõiki

KÜLLIKI POOLE 24. sept. 2014

Päike on kõrgemal taevas, linnud otsivad partnereid, vihma on tulnud küllalt, et lilled on aias juba õitsemas. KEVAD ON KÄES! See tähendab: on aeg ja tahtmine, et midagi uut ja ilusat luua oma enda kätega.

Käsitöö kutsub kõiki
Craft that can only be done on a large table – laying wisps of wool for felting.

On aeg hakata tegema käsitööd, nii et seda saaks näitusele panna nii Sydney Kevadpeol kui Melbourne'i Eesti Päevadel. Need, kes on nobedad tegijad, jõuavad mitu eset valmistada, teised, kellel on ajapuudus, saaks oktoobrikuuks vähemalt ühe ilusa käsitsi tehtud asja valmis. Sydney Eesti Seltsi Kevadpidu leiab aset 25. oktoobril Eesti Majas. Melbourne'i Eesti Päevadeks peavad andmed olema esitatud oktoobri alguseks (esimesel okt.).

I'll repeat that: 1) To take part in the Sydney Kevadpidu, one needs to have käsitöö projects ready by late October so that they can be exhibited (and sold) on the 25th, a Saturday, at Eesti Maja. There will be, of course, entertainments by children, choirs, dancers, musicians, as well as the usual tasty suupisted which attract us there.
2) To exhibit wonderful items of skilled craft in Melbourne's 25th Eesti Päevad one needs to send in the application-forms listing the said items, with, or without, prices. The forms have appeared, once, in a previous publication of Meie Kodu. Failing that, one can make a list of items, with their description, numbered with one's initials and price and send it by post to the chief organiser of käsitöö in Melbourne, Aime Metsar, 5 Prowse Ave. Balwyn, VIC, 3103. Make sure that your name, addresses and phone numbers are placed at the top and get it there by the end of this month. The same applies if you wish to see your garments shown in the mini- fashion parade at the end of the opening ceremony. I will be sending some embroidered tops and felted garments for the show. Clothes always look their best when worn.

Some people may wonder if it is worth the while to send valuable items to Melbourne, seeing that they will be exhibited only for one day and a half. The answer may be in re-classifying your work as ART, particularly if it consists of ceramics or silverwork. Then it will be exhibited in a gallery and for the duration of the Päevad.

BUT - you do not need to do käsitöö to exhibit or show off. It is nice to be praised, but most of us keep our hands busy so as to see the birth of a wonderful garment or a decorative piece. Besides, it is great to meet up with like-minded people and exchange ideas and skills. At Kunst - & Käsitööring in Sydney, we have been rejuvenated by returning members from the Laulupidu in Tallinn. They have seen so much and are so enthusiastic about the Estonian crafts they have seen. Patriotism runs strongly in us all. Creativeness is stirred by experiencing the exciting new methods. We have been encouraged and excited by the interest shown by new members who wish to take part in experimenting with Estonian traditional as well as modern design.

With extra members, our small storage-room is full to bursting. The inspiration and skill is there among our members, but we have nowhere to store our materials, tools and books. To get inside the room, one must first beg pardon from our manikins, who sit, strut and lean at odd angles on boxes, containers, the odd loom and spinning-wheel. The manikins have been evicted from their hidey-holes under the stage, but no extra room has been

made for them! Our small room will soon burst! There is nowhere to store valued and valuable craft-work, past or present. Most superfluous stuff has long since been cleared out. But we are not complaining, it is in the blood that an Estonian's hands are never still. We are always knitting, embroidering, designing, printing or painting.

We welcome anyone who wishes to share in the excitement of making something new. Everyone will be welcomed - 10am every first Saturday of every month, Eesti Maja.