Experience Sőrve - Picnic Day Pt Wolstoncroft

Ron Cowan 19. sept. 2014

On the 28 September 2014, Sőrve So᷈brad will be holding a Picnic Day at Point Wolstoncroft, Lake Macquarie – the site of the annual Sőrve Summer Camp (4-11 January 2015).

Experience Sőrve - Picnic Day Pt Wolstoncroft

The picnic is open to the Australian/Estonian community and their friends, and we have arranged exclusive access to the entire campground so that those attending will be able to experience 'a day in the life of Sőrve' – especially families who have never been to camp before.

Our 2015 Leaders will be holding their planning meeting that weekend, and will be at the picnic on Sunday to arrange fun activities for everyone. The Sőrve Sőbrad Committee will be operating a BBQ lunch.

The Australian/Estonian community has been running Sőrve for more than 60 years and has established a fun-filled environment that offers:

• An opportunity for those within Australia who have Estonian connections to come together, enrich their cultures and share stories

• Complete security and safety for all family members within an atmospheric bush and lake setting

• Modern accommodation and state of the art facilities

Sőrve Sőbrad is committed to ensuring that Sőrve continues for another 60 years and in this respect we invite everyone to come along and Experience Sőrve....a new chapter – or Sőrve lugu....uus peatȕkk.

Over the past three years, attendance at Sőrve has declined for various reasons. For the camp to continue in its current format it is essential that we develop a 'new chapter' and welcome back those who regularly attend, or have attended in the past, as well as bring in new families.

The current Sőrve Sőbrad consists of a dedicated group of people who have experienced camp life and, like others, acknowledge that this one week per year creates more than just special moments, but memories to last a lifetime and lifelong friendships from around the country.

Sőrve offers a real opportunity to nurture both the Estonian and Australian cultures. During a normal day we raise two flags and sing two national anthems, sharing a common heritage and having a lot of fun at the same time.

SAVE THE DATE – Sőrve Picnic Day

When: 28 September 2014

Time: 11:00am until 3:00pm

Where: Point Wolstoncroft Sport and Recreation, Gwandalan, Newcastle

What to bring: All the family and other families you want to introduce or reintroduce to camp Swim Gear.

Ron Cowan


Sőrve Sőbrad

Experience Sőrve - Picnic Day Pt Wolstoncroft

Estonian "Sőrve" Summer Camp at Point Wolstoncroft Sport & Recreation Centre

Point Wolstoncroft Centre has had the pleasure of hosting the annual Sőrve Summer camp for well over 50 years. January 2015 will once again be a highlight of our Centre calendar when we welcome our Estonian friends for a week of fun, friendships, outdoor pursuits and cultural activities.

Knowing many of the people that attend and seeing them come through as campers and then eventually as leaders is testament to their commitment to their cultural roots, with many suggesting the week at "Point Wolly" is something they look forward to all year.

This unique program has such an incredible mix of traditional camp activities, coupled with cultural elements of Estonian dance, song and language. It's a real family feast and is why many families come back year after year.

Point Wolstoncroft Centre is enormously proud to host the Estonian "Sőrve" Summer Camp, the longest standing continual booking in the history of the NSW Department of Sport & Recreation.