Estovision 4. The tradition continues

RICHARD SEMENOV 10. juunil 2012

May is a month of great anticipation not only for Estonians but also for every European. It is a chance to showcase the great talent and musical abilities in the northern hemisphere to the rest of the world. We here in Adelaide have joined the enthusiasm and greatly appreciate the evening known as Eurovision.

Estovision 4. The tradition continues
Estovision 4. The tradition continues

Adelaide held Estovision 4 on Friday night; Melbourne on Saturday and Sydney had the 'Sunday Brunch'.... We here in Adelaide put a personal challenge to several people to do an old fashioned "crawl" through all three events. Kristjan, Mai, Lachlan, Imbi, Paul, Sharon and her daughter Fiona all took up the challenge. All seven travelled from NSW to Adelaide for the first of the three events!


What did they experience here in Adelaide?

The first semifinal was screened, as a delayed telecast to the crowd just after the news of Estonia's progression through to the final stages was broken. We were able to show a preview of Ott Lepland's highly regarded song, which eventually came in at the overall sixth place. The crowd here was silenced by the power of his performance. In the finals, Ott scored very well with his song "Kuula" and eventually received 120 points.


Travelling to all three events may only be a dream but overall all those that attended the first event were not to be disappointed with yet another spectacular Estovision evening. On this occasion, Thomas Sarapuu secured a magnificent chef who managed to serve a version of "Mulgimaa Madras" that still has Tiina Muirden swapping recipes. The selection from behind the bar again catered for all, from Lithuanian beer, superb Barossa reds to Verve Cliquot. We eagerly await the next shipment from Estonia. This is what keeps the crowd returning.


Sharon Kaupmees has not been in touch with the Estonian community for many years and happened to be in Adelaide for family reasons. She read our E-News that distant cousins are also welcomed to our event and was comfortable with the old motto "just drop in for ten minutes and no need to book" As expected she found a group of friendly Estonians and is hoping to return on future visits.


Thomas Sarapuu and his team of organizers on this occasion moved to a new level. Erika and Amy supplied solid support behind the bar in their usual professional manner. Kadri Auväärt's band of student helpers made a significant contribution in the kitchen, which provided the usual volunteers with a very welcome break. Thank you to everyone! In the background the Baltic retirement village made a very quiet presentation to the Estonian team for winning the Gold Medal at the recent Baltic Olympics held at the Village. Well done, team, it will be proudly displayed at 'Kalev on Jeffcott".


It was excellent to see a high percentage of Estonians back again, always keen to promote our culture. It was also great to see Lea Rebane given the recent loss of her father. Our thoughts are with you Lea.


The evening finally ended at around 2am. However we were not to be disappointed as Tom Sarapuu donned his Lederhosen late into the evening. Seems the 'Gold Outfit' was at the drycleaners.

Details of our next evening in July will be released very soon. We are keeping it very quiet, as we have always done in the past! Esto Pub Night is an Adelaide Estonian event that has been now running for five years. We here have never made this an overly formal occasion or insisted you go out of your way to invite your distant Estonian cousins... Esto Pub Night is different. This is an event that is a relaxing evening and there is no need to book. Just remember drop in for 10 minutes or stay for 3 hours.... there is no pressure, just see what it is like. The one problem is that you will meet all of your old Estonian friends and even make new Estonian contacts....