Estonians worldwide are invited to come celebrate Estonia's centenary

27. juunil 2016

In 2018, the Republic of Estonia will celebrate its 100th anniversary. The centenary programme will begin in April 2017 and continue through to February 2020 to mark all of the most important milestones in the emergence of Estonia’s statehood.

All friends of Estonia at home and abroad are invited to join in Estonia's centenary celebrations! These events will above all be organised by the people themselves, just like they would like to see them. Events and initiatives to celebrate Estonia's centenary abroad are also very welcome.

What should we give Estonia for its birthday?
An important part of the Estonia 100 programme will consist of events and initiatives – we call them gifts – that will be organised in honour of Estonia's centenary. Many gifts are already being made –everything from purchasing musical instruments for children to planting oak groves and building a swing park with traditional Estonian swings. Anyone and everyone can give a gift! It does not matter whether the gift is big or small – what is important is a heartfelt wish to give something to your community or to Estonians in general. You can see what is already being planned to celebrate the centenary on the Estonia 100 website at, where you can also post information on your own gift.

Funding for Estonian cultural associations abroad
Estonia 100, the Ministry of Culture and the Compatriots Programme invite all Estonian cultural associations abroad to take part in the upcoming project competition which will provide support for initiatives with a broader impact on the local Estonian community. Estonia 100 has earmarked additional funding in 2017 and 2018 to give a greater boost to events planned in honour of Estonia's centenary and to promote even greater cultural exchanges between Estonians living in and outside of Estonia. The call for applications for funding in 2017 will be organised in cooperation with the Integration and Migration Foundation 'Our People' in November 2016. Information on a similar earlier competition is available on the foundation's website (in Estonian).

Estonia 100 to focus on children and youth
The focus of the centenary celebrations is on children and youth. We particularly value initiatives that help Estonian children who live abroad develop their ties and connection with Estonia and the Estonian language. In 2018, more children will be able to attend language and cultural camps in Estonia with funding from Estonia 100.
A lovely new tradition has been initiated in Estonia to give every new-born child the book 'Pisike puu' ('Little Tree'). Estonia 100 in cooperation with the Estonian Children's Literature Centre and Estonia's embassies plans to give a similar gift to all Estonians who are born abroad in 2018.

Estonia awaits its guests!

All Estonians living abroad are invited to visit Estonia during the celebrations! This would be one of the greatest gifts that Estonians abroad could give Estonia for its centenary. There will be plenty of smaller and larger events to give everyone good reason to do so – from the Song and Dance Festivals to hundreds of other events of all kinds.

Everyone is very welcome!

Start thinking about what you, your friends and your community could give Estonia as a gift for its centenary and how you will celebrate this event where you live. Let everyone know about your gift on the Estonia 100 website at If you need extra support to organise your event, apply for funding through the project competition for Estonian cultural associations abroad. Come visit Estonia during the centenary celebrations and take part in the local Estonia 100 programme!

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