Estonian course for beginners via internet

16. nov. 2013

November, 15, 2013 to May, 25, 2014. The course is aimed on the adult learners. In the center of the lesson are the materials on ONENESS web page to which the course web-page is linked to.

Leaners will gain introductory knowledge of Estonian; will have overview of the different topics of the Estonian Grammar and can use them in practical language situations; 2) will develop active skills in Estonian.

The course is 94 % web-based. There are 5 classroom meetings or Skype-meetings per course. On the meetings the teachers will provide the learners with the feed-back on home assignments, and refine their talking-skills.

On the web-page of the course you will find the links to the learning materials divided into 10 lessons. To go through the listening, reading and grammar exercises on each topic, follow the links you find on the web-page of the course.

There are also extra exercises on different aspects of the learning material. The creative writing exercises will be filled by learners and sent to the teachers via e-mail. The teachers will provide the feed-back on the results on the class-room meetings and / or via e-mail.

The time schedule of the presenting the course home works and making the on-line tests will be sent to all the participants.

e-learning tests will appear on the web-page in 1-2 days after each class-room or Skype-meeting. The students will get individual feed-back on the results of the tests. The compulsory prerequisite of the registration to the exam is the positive result on test.
Fee: 107 euros


Please send your Name, adress, e-mail and ID number or date of birth.


Esta Pilt

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