Esto Pub Night 22 The 2012 Estovision 4

RICHARD SEMENOV 23. mail 2012

Esto Pub Night is an Adelaide Estonian event that has been now running for five years. We here have never made this an overly formal occasion or insisted you go out of your way to invite your distant Estonian cousins to an event they sit with people they barely know.

Wow they will always be away or never answer future invitations. Esto Pub Night is different, it is an event that people always return to and this one, on the 25th of May is regarded as a certainty for a great crowd and an occasion that will be not only entertaining but give everyone that great community involvement.

This is the fourth year we are presenting to you a preview of the Estonian performance and the entire first semifinal of the Eurovision Song contest. The Esto Pub Night is back after a long break. Join us on Friday night, the 25th of May at 7pm. We will be screening the delayed telecast of the first semifinal on SBS and showing you also the entire Estonian performance.

If this is your first time, the entire idea of these nights is to drop in for 10 minutes or 2 hours and stay for some food to say hello, support the hall and bump into old or meet new Esto friends... No need to book tables or make formal appointments, it has become a relaxed, friendly evening for everyone. Drop in after work or some people come through on their way home after being out elsewhere. Put Friday the 25th of May into your calendar.

Join us again for the excitement of the occasion!


Esto Pub Night 22    The 2012 Estovision 4