EstDocs Raises its Curtains for the 6th Annual Short Film Competition

Kaili Lupp/EstDocs 24. märtsil 2014

Get the cameras rolling!
Filmmakers have until September 23, 2014 to submit

EstDocs Raises its Curtains for the 6th Annual Short Film Competition

TORONTO, CANADA, March 24, 2014– The tenth annual EstDocs Documentary Film Festival in Toronto is now accepting domestic and international submissions for its Short Documentary Film Competition. The complete EstDocs Film Festival will run from October 17-21, 2014.

Competition winners have the chance to be rewarded up to a thousand dollars individually. The prizing is generously sponsored by the Estonian Students' Society and Tartu College in Toronto. Audience goers will be able to enjoy the top short films in a Toronto theatre during the festival in October.

"The EstDocs short film competition continues to be a highlight of the overall EstDocs festival experience. Each year, filmmakers become more adventurous and take on increasingly innovative approaches based on their take on the assigned theme," said Tauno Mölder, EstDocs Short Documentary Film Competition Director. "Similar to the extended festival, the filmmakers, both aspiring and professional do not have to be of Estonian descent, nor does one have to be Estonian to appreciate the thought-provoking stories that are screened before them."

Submission Theme

The theme for the 2014 EstDocs Short Film Competition is "Connection". Participants are encouraged to submit a short documentary film based on their interpretation of this idea.

Submission Process

The entry form and guidelines for the Short Film Competition are available at Past competition submissions and winners can be viewed at .

The EstDocs Short Film Competition continues to be the only international short film contest of its kind to focus on Estonian-themed content. Entrants may submit films by mail or by electronic means for the September 23, 2014 deadline. The maximum length for films is seven minutes, excluding credits. Winning submissions and honorary mentions will be announced and screened in Toronto film venues for EstDocs audiences.

Filmmakers may submit multiple entries, but each film requires a separate entry form.

About EstDocs

EstDocs is a not-for-profit Estonian Documentary film festival and competition held in Toronto that presents the unheard stories from the Baltic nation of Estonia. Its mission is to provide a 360 perspective on Estonian history, politics, arts, culture and more. During the past nine years EstDocs has raised the profile of up-and-coming filmmakers and has had the pleasure of featuring the country's top internationally recognized filmmakers. All public screenings are either in English or have English subtitles.

EstDocs is presented by Tartu College, whose mandate is to study and promote culture through the literature, music and art of minority nationalities in Canada, particularly those of the Baltics. Find us @EstDocs on Twitter and at