Eesti Päevad 2014 Art Exhibition

Bernadette Pilli 14. veebr. 2015

The Eesti Päevad 2014 Art Exhibition was a great success.
The exhibition attracted sixteen artists, from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and locations. Thirty-five works were contributed - paintings, prints, ceramics, photographs, mixed media, textiles and moving images, exploring the theme - PLACE and the influence of Estonian culture on the lives of artists today.

Eesti Päevad 2014 Art Exhibition
Foto: Heldur Bender

Over 100 people attended the exhibition opening. The feedback from the crowd was very impressive, with many positive comments on the quality and diversity of the works, along with the professional manner in which they had been hung.

A Retro-Eesto cultural corner was also set up in the gallery. This displayed typical artworks and artifacts that many of our parents and relatives had on show in their homes in the 60's. On a table there were Estonian art books and magazines for perusal, lent to us by committee members. The Eesti Instituut in Tallinn donated a large number of Estonian Art magazines; these tracked the development of contemporary Estonian art over the past decade. The magazines were in English and, hence, accessible to many of the younger visitors to the exhibition. Retro-Eesto prompted many unexpected and enjoyable conversations between artists and visitors alike.

The committee produced a calendar rather than a catalogue for the exhibition. This displayed the artworks included in the exhibition and proved to be a great success - all copies were sold within two days.

The Estonian Relief Committee very generously donated a prize of $250 for the winning artwork. The prize was judged by Jenny Port, the director of red gallery, and presented by Peeter Muttik, representing the Estonian Relief Committee. The winner was Sharon Peoples from Canberra, for her machine-embroidered lacework.

Eesti Päevad 2014 Art Exhibition