Eesti Abistamise Komitee announces grants for 2018-2019

ERC Board 14. juulil 2018

The Eesti Abistamise Komitee (Estonian Relief Committee Limited - ERC) has just recently completed the allocation of supporting funds to a number of Estonian focused organisations in Australia.

Eesti Abistamise Komitee announces grants for 2018-2019

In the latest round, the ERC received a record 15 applications totalling $65,000. Unfortunately, the amount of funds available from the ERC was limited to the income from our investments, which this year was approximately $20,000. As a result, many funding applications were scaled back, with some being rejected outright. Successful applicants this year were as follows:

Meie Kodu Newspaper

Sydney Estonian Handicraft Association

Estonian Archives in Australia

Sõrve Sõbrad

"Baltic Artists in Australia – Celebrating 100 Years"


Sydney Mudilasring

Brisbane Estonian Playgroup

Estonian Society of Sydney

It should be noted that the above funding is for the 2018-19 financial year only and is subject to a number of other conditions, including:

Receipt of a written report on the successful organisations activities and a description of how the funds were expended;

Agreement to being named as a partner of the ERC and to have their logo and activities summarised on the ERC's website;

Acknowledge of the grant by making specific reference to it in any upcoming publication that the organisation may issue; and

Agreement that the funding satisfies the objectives of the constitution of the Estonian Relief Committee (ERC), which inter-alia includes:

Ø The promotion of Estonian history and culture in Australia;

Ø The teaching and promotion of literature, design, crafts, performing arts, radio, TV, moveable cultural heritage, music, community arts, video, visual arts, film, etc which is of Estonian origin;

Ø The preservation and promotion of Estonian language skills;

Ø The promotion and development of cultural relationships between Estonia and subsequent generations of Estonian descent born in Australia; Ø To facilitate cultural exchanges between groups with similar objectives from Australia and Estonia; andØ To consolidate and coordinate with like Australian organisations with cultural ties to Estonia.

We wish all of the successful applicants well in their endeavours.