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Indrek Ott 25. augustil 2011

The E-Club tested knowledge about the European Union on the 4th August club night. We thought it would be interesting to look all these answers. They really go from one extreme to the other.
The questions were based mostly on general information about EU – history, economics, geography, politics etc., things that all half Europeans/Estonians and half Aussies should more or less know.

E-Club corner 3

The EU traces its origins from the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Economic Community, formed by 6 countries in 1958. The Maastricht Treaty established the European Union under its current name in 1993. At this stage the EU has 27 members.


At the beginning of this year E-club held an Estonian kroons/crown party, mainly because the currency in Estonia changed to the Euro.


Estonia is so far the only country in the Baltic States to use the Euro.

EU’s biggest city is Paris, population about 12 milllion Also, France is the biggest country in the EU, not Germany as many people answered.


There was only one correct answer about beer drinking countries. The world´s biggest beer drinkers are the Czechs. People in the Czech Republic drink 158.6 l of beer per person per year. For example, Australians drink 105 l and Estonians only 80 l of beer per person per year. The greatest quantity of beer is consumed in China. USA holds second place in this matter. E-Club will keep a good eye on this competition.


This year Tallinn and Turku (Finland) hold the title of European capital of culture. The greatest number of capitals of culture was in the year 2000, when there were 9 capitals. Riga will be a capital of culture in 2014 together with a town in Sweden.


This quiz had several winners. This time the most points were collected by Tiiu, who didn´t even use her Smartphone. Team Kati/Liisa/Lara actually gained 10 points more but with help of their technical equipment. The Quiz Committee decided the winners. The main award - our main meal and drink – went to Tiiu. The award for the best teamwork, best creativity, and best waste of paper (and draught from Liisa) went to team Kati/Liisa/Lara and is bowl of ice cream. As a team they have to share it!


A new challenge every week. The next quiz will be more global – we will ask facts about planet Earth. You can also find out all about us from Facebook, E-klubi.