Consulate news

17. augustil 2011

The new Consul General, Ms Triinu Rajasalu, arrived in Sydney at the beginning of August. This marks the commencement of a new era, whereby Estonian passport applications can be submitted on a regular basis and is not dependent on a temporary consular mission.

Consulate news
Peakonsul Triinu Rajasalu.

The consulate will operate from the Honorary Consuls office until new premises have been found. The phone and fax number will currently remain the same.

Due to the high demand for submitting passport applications, the Consulate General will receive applications twice a week in August and September starting from August 16.

The Consulate General is accepting passport applications from August 16 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10.30 to 16.00.

To make an appointment, please visit the website:

The registration website will list the documents you need to support your application.

For further advice on supporting documents, specific to your case, please contact the Consulate beforehand at

Everyone whose passport has expired or is expiring soon or is lost/stolen or who wishes to submit their first ever passport application and register their ancestral citizenship is welcome to contact the consulate.

The Consulate General is looking for new premises and is hoping to officially open the Consulate General of Estonia this spring.

Additionally, Ms Triinu Rajasalu will be travelling to Perth in the second half of September to accept passport applications. These dates will be confirmed shortly.