Baltic communities across the world to commemorate victims of deportations

24. märtsil 2012

As a response to the call for commemoration by the Unitas Foundation, NGO Tulipisar and the Members of the European Parliament, many Baltic communities are holding remembrance events in their country of residence on Sunday. Not only will the candles be lit again in memory of the deportees in the two biggest cities in Estonia on, they will also be remembered in 8 other countries.

Remembrance events will take place in 3 states in the US—New Jersey, New York, Illinois and also in other countries-- Belgium, Canada, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and in the United Kingdom. Several events are organised by all the three Baltic communities together.


The initiative aims to draw attention to the crimes against humanity committed by communist regimes in the Baltic States and elsewhere and to remember those who fell as victims of the evil regime.

According to Uve Poom, the head of the Unitas Foundation, the organisation behind the call, the positive and active response of Baltic communities everywhere has been amazing. "We are delighted that so many communities have chosen to hold commemoration events. One must not forget that most of these communities did not leave the Baltics to just find a better life—many of them were seriously afraid for their lives and the possible repressions of the communist regime. Unfortunately, almost every Baltic resident has close relatives for whom to light candles for," added Mr Poom.


The call for commemoration is only a part of the Unitas Foundation's activities. The Foundation was established in 2008 by the two-time Estonian prime minister Mart Laar, entrepreneur Meelis Niinepuu and philanthropist Damian von Stauffenberg and is dedicated to building reconciliation within and between societies divided by totalitarianism.
The detailed list and character of remembrance events can be found here:


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