Adelaide announces the First XmESTO Pub Night

RICHARD SEMENOV 29. nov. 2012

October is a month that always begins to spark some excitement. Christmas is not too far away and Adelaide has now hosted for a second time the second most popular Esto Pub Night for the calendar year.

Adelaide announces the First XmESTO Pub Night
“Kalev on Jeffcott”. Brendan Concannon working behind the bar. Photos: Richard Semenov

Yes we realize that Eurovision is always a hit but the OktooberEST is another evening that more of the community here in Adelaide have realised is now an Estonian tradition! This year we managed to secure an amazing Brass Band - The Pooraka Brass Band – which was an amazing success and the entertainment provided for the swelling crowd was a great testament to Tom Sarapuu and his fantastic team.
It was only the second time in the long history of the EPN concept that it has been hosted on a Saturday night. This was to give those regularly tied up on Fridays to attend our event here at Kalev on Jeffcott. The evening commenced with the official unveiling by Brendan Concannon and Alex Martinson of the new "Kalev on Jeffcott" sign. The excitement was taken up a few more grades with the magnificent giant inflatable pint of beer which added true character to the background of the event.
The entire EPN under the careful supervision of Thomas and Oxana were there early on the Saturday to coordinate the evening. Relika, Alan, Jaan and others were preparing the "Maitsev Hahndorfi Gril-Bratwurst" on the Kalev on Jeffcott BBQ. In the days leading up to the event other members of Vikerkaar helped the team producing 'tuntud Saaremaa Kartulisalat'. This was an absolute delight! The Estonian style potato salad really was a great treat. One of the most serious critics of the meals at the recent pub nights was heard asking for the recipe for the 'Ehe Mulgikapsas', this referred to pure mid-Estonian Sauerkraut! All together the entire meal was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended and thank you to the entire team.
It was encouraging to see the Estonian Backpacking groups back here and to hear a whisper of Adelaide as a destination not to bypass; we do have the apartment upstairs! As usual the evening continued on to the early hours of the morning. The Lederhosen outfits worn by the team behind the bar were well suited to the occasion. The Saku beer was, as always, a great success and enjoyed by everyone who attended, along with the Estonian Cider but we are looking forward to having Australia's first import of Saaremaa Gin! Will the Sydney or Melbourne Eesti Maja's beat the famous Thomas Sarapuu to this feat? I don't think so...
Well the usual final paragraph commences with, 'Well were does the Esto Pub Night go from here?' we realize that our readers switch off here but this time read on we will definitely not be advertising in national or international Estonian media, as we are trying to keep it quiet....
Our final evening for the year will again be on a Friday night. This will be a small event and this time will not be extended into the main hall. We are trying to keep it quiet and realize that everyone has their work Christmas functions to go to. Well we are offering an alternative, an excuse to leave early and a unique opportunity to meet up with your Estonian friends!
Friday the 14th of December will be the final XmESTO Pub Night for 2012, so open your iCal and make a note! You will meet your old Estonian friends. There is no need to book a table or ring your friends. Just drop in after being to that boring work function. Kalev on Jeffcott is centrally located in Adelaide, the team will be serving a great meal and we will have the Saaremaa Gin for you to sample before our East coast neighbours along with our usual great variety.... So Drop in for 20 minutes or stay for the evening...



Adelaide announces the First XmESTO Pub Night
The magnificent Pooraka Brass Band.