A gift to Estonia from the Estonians in Australia to Celebrate Estonia’s Centenary of Nationhood

6. märtsil 2017

In 2018 Estonia will celebrate the centenary of her nationhood. The celebrations will last for 2-3 years, commencing in April 2017, when 100 years will have passed since Estonia first agreed on unification, and culminating on the 2nd of February, 2020, when 100 years will have passed since the Tartu Peace Treaty was signed.

A gift to Estonia from the Estonians in Australia to  Celebrate Estonia’s Centenary of Nationhood

Estonia wishes to celebrate its birthday with you. This is our celebration and it is up to all of us to make it memorable.

Estonia's centenary celebrations will take place primarily in Estonia, but we have an opportunity to participate, here in Australia. To mark this occasion, the most important decision for us, is what gift to give. It's not important how large or small the gift, but that it should come from the heart, and represent a positive contribution.

The Council of Estonian Societies in Australia (Austraalia Eesti Seltside Liit, AESL) will create a visual/ audio documentary record of the presence of Estonians in Australia, from the first arrivals before Estonian Independence, then the early immigration after World War I, followed by the influx of post World War II displaced Estonians and the most recent arrival of Estonians emigrating from a free Estonia.

The DVD will be entitled "Eestlased Austraalias – Tähistades Eesti Vabariigi 100.a. juubelit" ("Estonians in Australia – Celebrating 100 years of the Republic of Estonia"). It will be in the form of a photo-story, comprising photographs in chronological order, with musical soundtrack and audio voiceover in Estonian and English. It will be a snapshot or overview of all that has been, highlighting the multitude of activities, be they academic, cultural or social. It will also be a record of achievements that can be handed down to future generations.

As a second part of the project, following completion of the DVD, a hard cover coffee table book comprising about 50 pages that contains a selection of photographs from the DVD will be produced. The text in the coffee table book will be in Estonian and English.

We need your help!

We are looking for photos. Perhaps you have some interesting photos that would be suitable and could be used for this project.

If so, please contact Madis Alvre: