Külliki Poole 14. sept. 2012

It has been decided that 2012 in Sydney will be the year of explosive celebrations of Estonian activities. Not only will the Eesti Päevad be celebrated between Christmas and New Year but now we will have a full-scale rehearsal in early November to which all are invited.

An agreement has been reached between the Sydney Eesti Selts, "Virmalised", "Lõke" and Kunsti-ja Käsitööring that by working in unison, we can have a fantastic afternoon of singing, dancing, enjoy childrens' song and dance performances as well as the exhibition and sale of art and craft works. It is sensible for Käsitööring to make some of their attractive and clever creations available for purchase before Christmas. The items which are being produced are just right as gifts. Gifts for children, gifts for parents and for grandparents. Gifts to decorate a favourite spot in the home, or to make a personal space more comfortable. There will be embroidered Estonian-themed felt toys; embroidered mobile-covers to hang around the neck or hang from a belt; nuno-felted, colourful scarves; estonian-themed handbags and containers, mugs and ceramics; knitteds, cards, wooden decorations and, for those who wish to bake their own piparkoogid, there will be the prepared dough for sale ... an ... much, much more. Items for sale will include those made by non-members, thereby widening the choice for all. And most importantly: the prices will be 25% less than at the Tap Gallery during the Eesti Päevad!!

Käsitööring will also hold its annual Loterii which has always proved so popular. The prizes will be varied and valuable and worth the wait for them to be drawn.


What more would you want? But wait! there IS more.

For a small entry fee you will be treated to the lively dancing by the adult group, "Virmalised", which has always set our toes tapping as well as exhibitions of dancing by the young generation emerging from childhood. They have not performed in front of an audience yet and would appreciate a friendly reception They are our future, the girls and boys who will hopefully be performing in the years to come. We all need to encourage and nurture the talented yougsters and show our appreciation.

To make our hearts leap with joy, "Lõke" will sing new songs and perform in ensemble groups. As well, the old, familiar, music from our past will uplift our spirits. It is heartening to bond with other Estonians through music and song.


And, of course, there will be afternoon refreshments. Sandwiches with herring, dill and sour cucumbers, slices of meat- and carrot -pirukad, as well as kohupiima koogid and apple slices, organised by the "Virmalised" and "Lõke". The bar will be open, manned by members of the S.E.S.

So ... you have been forewarned: keep Saturday, 3rd of November, 2012, free for a great celebration and social get-together. We will make it exciting and worthwhile, but we need your presence and support so that S.E.S. can purchase new sound equipment for the Eesti Päevad.
All are welcome ... we expect to start as usual, at 1pm.

See you there.