Siimon Rampe 3. aprillil 2013

“Letters to Angel” is a film about Jeremia Juunas Kirotaja (Tõnu Oja), a man who was sent to fight in Afghanistan years ago, where he converted to Islam. He now returns home only to find himself facing another kind of war.


The front line in the decrepit Estonian town runs between Eastern and Western culture, men and women, common sense and madness. Somewhere amidst these battles is his daughter, Angel, who Kirotaja has decided to find after all the years of absence. His only leads are the sound of his daughter crying, heard once on the telephone, and a dog-eared notebook full of letters addressed to her. But the town has other plans for him and the women running it seem to take him for their savior from the nagging feeling of emptiness that has enveloped them.

The author of the feature films "Somnambulance" and "Georgica", and the documentary "Jonathan from Australia", Sulev Keedus, explains that a feature length film needs time to mature and he had the first thoughts that lead to making "Letters to Angel" more than 30 years ago. "I was drafted to the army after university. My army documents had red covers and the words "SNAIPER" written inside. Everything pointed to my ending up in Riga for specialist training that produced the army's best killers. If my son had not been born in August, I would have been in Afghanistan by Christmas of 1979 and, in the best case scenario, would have escaped as a mental cripple two years later."

Jeremia Juunas Kirotaja is played by Tõnu Oja (“Taarka”) with a host of talented, unique women stepping up in the other roles: Katariina Lauk (“Somnambulance”, “The Temptation of St. Tony”), Ragne Pekarev,

Tiina Tauraite (“The Temptation of St. Tony”, “Autumn Ball”), Mirtel Pohla (“Autumn Ball”, “186 Kilometres”), Ketter Habakukk, etc.

”Letters to Angel” is Keedus’s first contemporary feature film. Scenes of conditions in Estonia are interwoven with images of Jeremia’s other home, Afghanistan, that were filmed in Mauritania in northwest Africa. The film was shot digitally.

The making of “Letters to Angel” was supported by the Estonian Film Foundation, the Estonian Cultural Endowment, the Estonian Ministry of Culture, and the Finnish Film Foundation.

Director: Sulev Keedus
Cast: Tõnu Oja, Ketter Habakukk, Ragne Pekarev, Mari-Liis Lill, Tiina Tauraite, Katariina Lauk, Elle Kull, Katrin Saukas, Mirtel Pohla, Kaie ihkelson, Alina Karmazina, Rain Simmul, Roman Baskin

Director of Photography: Rein Kotov
Art Director: Toomas Hõrak
Costumes: Elo Soode
Editor & Producer: Kaie-Ene Rääk
Co-producer: Olli Soinio
Composer: Helena Tulve
Sound Director: Ivo Felt
Length: 118 min.,

From kino!

This is a film only for the adults, and it is not a film to be missed.

With a directorial style not dissimilar from that of David Lynch (think of ‘Wild at Heart’) but more down-to-earth, director Sulev Keedus has created a story which is layered in spirituality and subtle messaging. The storyline throughout the movie can leave the viewer perplexed and inconclusive at times, however going the distance on this film becomes rewarding, as the story becomes more surreal, it is counter balanced by imagery which is visceral and beautifully shot. Answers will be given and you will be left with a story that seeps into you for days to come.

As always, doors open at 6pm, fill rolls at 7pm.

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